Michael Griffith Banks

My Roots.

Michael Griffith Banks - A Short Bio

Hi, I’m Michael Banks. I’m a copywriter & editor currently living in South Asia. I want to provide solutions to problems, serve others and change the world.

As my website will attest, I've developed hard skills in writing, editing and speech writing. I have published work with the Red&Black Newspaper, Signify Solutions and the Chapel Bell Press.

I've garnered addtional experience in photography, social media and event planning through my time as Executive Director of marketing and social media with Breaking the Shackles. I’m also a bold fundraiser (over $30,000 for causes just by myself).

I believe that audacious 22-year-olds, like myself, can and will change the world. Want to hire me? Let’s talk!

I deeply value skills in communication, especially speech writing and public speaking. Check out the TEDxTalk that I presented below: